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2015-MOLLI-Taste-of-Lakeland-HA Taste of Lakeland exhibition at the Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry in Kendal begins on 6 March & runs to 7 September.

See how tastes have changed over the years and learn about the food traditions of the Lake District with this exhibition located on the Museum’s interesting street scene.


New for 2015 Money, Shoes, Chocolate & all That!9515623676_b144ce143d

An exhibition at Kendal’s award winning Quaker Tapestry tells how the trustworthy Quakers became successful business owners.




The Tide’s the Very Devil at Lancaster’s Maritime Museum is a photographic exhibition exploring the many faces of Morecambe Bay.  Beautiful images from the dramatic shifting landscape of the sands and the impact on those who live & work on the bay. Peter Rimmer’s exhibition is on until 29 March.



Farfield Mill at Sedbergh has three fascinating artist exhibitions on display until 15 March. An interesting combination of artworks incorporating paintings, ceramics & ‘work from the woods’.


6260481858_ab97a792deHerdwick: A Portrait of Lakeland photographic exhibition showing everyday life through the eyes of the Lakeland shepherd. Photographer Ian Lawson spent 5 years capturing images of the landscape, local farmers & Herdwicks. Running until 19 April at Rheged near Penrith.